The Only Realism: Utopia Within, Utopia Against, Utopia Beyond (2020)  [Blindfield]

Making it up, this moment of June (2018)
Commissioned by Rebecca Lee for her score Making it up, this moment of June. [link]

(Why we can’t) Let The Machines do it: A Response to Inventing the Future by Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek (with Sophie Lewis, 2015) [The Disorder of Things]

7 Thoughts on Basic Income and Utopia (2015)  [link]

Wasted Common: A Future History of two Urban Wastelands (2014) An audio essay produced for Resonance FM [link]

The Rhizome: A Potato Fascism? (2013)
Originally published by Nottingham Visual Arts. [link]

Creativity, Capital and Commons in the Contemporary City: Nottingham’s Island Wasteland (2013)
Written version of a talk given in various locations. [link]

Playing the Future: Improvisation and Nomadic Utopia (2012)
A pamphlet-essay commissioned for the exhibition Thinking Ourselves into Existence at Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow; curated by Psykick Dancehall and Jon Marshall. [link]

What is this that Stands Before Me? A History of Dissonance, 1322-2055 (2011) Written version of a talk given at Nottingham Contemporary as part of Klaus Weber’s exhibition If You Leave Me I’m not Coming. [link]